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Career In Social Media Marketing In India

A career in social media marketing in India is spreading like a wildfire as everybody has now access to social media, which makes it easier to target customers online without wasting money on banners and posters which mostly get ignored
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Prepare For The Future of Voice Search

Prepare for the Future of Voice Search

Do you know more than 25% of all online users use voice search on mobile devices? And by the end of 2023, more than 8 billion people will be using digital voice assistants, primarily due to smart home technology. This
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Making Your Career in Online Advertising in India

Making Your Career In Online Advertising in India

The online advertising industry in India is a booming business — and with the right strategies and resources, it can also be profitable. This guide provides valuable insights into how to make a successful career in online advertising in India,
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How To Use Pinterest for E-Commerce

How To Use Pinterest For E-commerce

What is Pinterest and How is it Used for E-Commerce?Pinterest can be a powerful tool for e-commerce success. With over 250 million active users each month, it’s an invaluable marketing channel that can help you drive traffic to your site
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How to run ADs on Instagram

How to Run Ads on Instagram?

Instagram ads are getting popular for running ads because of its large user base, high engagement rates, and visually-driven content. Advertisers can reach a targeted audience through various ad formats, such as photo and video ads, stories ads, and reels
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Ways to Generate side income using canva

Ways To Generate Side Income Using Canva

Generating side income sources with Canva is a pretty easy thing once you start creating things on your own or learn how to use given templates at its best for your profit!  As we all know, Canva is a free
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How to create a Buyer Persona?

How to Create a Buyer Persona?

Buyer personas outline the characteristics of your ideal clients, including their daily routines, problems they encounter, and decision-making processes. Buyer personas are also known as customer personas, marketing personas, or profiles, but regardless of the name, their goal remains the
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