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Top 10 Google Ranking Factors

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors

Know which are the top 10 ranking factors used by the best search engine optimizers that affect your website’s ranking. More than 39% of all clicks on Google’s search results go to the top. This indicates that four out of ten persons who search for your selected keyword phrase will click the first result and disregard all others.

Consider the effect it would have on your company if you could rank #1 for a couple of the terms you wanted. This blog’s objective is to assist you in comprehending the most crucial Google ranking elements so you can apply them to your website and increase traffic.

What does Google’s ranking factor mean?

The criteria used by Google (and other search engines) when evaluating pages to determine the most relevant results to return for a search query are known as ranking factors. These are very important and are being used by the best search engine optimizers. 

Effective SEO requires a thorough understanding of ranking criteria. Not because they’re the be-all, end-all of SEO (they’re not), but because they help create a better user experience, which guarantees more leads and conversions for your organization and all marketers, content writers, and SEO strategists should be familiar with them.  

Here are the Top 10 Ranking factors

  1. Information that offers useful and original insights:

As was already mentioned, Google has always prioritised high-quality content. Simply because your audience appreciates it, publishing material that offers value and distinctive insights not seen on any other website might boost your rating.


How to do it:

  •         Make sure to have authority on the issue you are writing about.
  •         To write your content, employ subject-matter specialists.
  •         Give your audience accurate information that clarifies their concerns about the issues that matter to them the most.
  •         Avoid writing filler.
  1. Information that delves deeply into a subject.

Aiming for page one rankings? Stop producing mediocre material. Research has consistently shown that material that addresses all topics, whether in extended form or short form, performs better in search results. What you should do is:

  •         Examine the material of your rivals and write about the mistakes they made.
  •         Include all pertinent information and respond to any queries readers may have.
  •         By including components like photos, a clickable table of contents, jump links, and CTAs to pertinent information, you may make the text more legible. 
  1. Rates of organic click-through:

Google is able to determine the popularity of your content based on your organic click-through rate. Google will assume your content is more related to that term and rank you higher for it if more people are clicking on your post in the SERP.

To increase your organic click-through rate, you must create compelling meta descriptions and titles. The following advice will help you create the greatest meta title and description:

Use strong words.

  •         Verify that your term can be seen in the meta title.
  •         Subtitles should not exceed 62 characters.
  •         Your meta description should not exceed 150 characters.
  •         You should make your meta description useful to readers (use it to show them how they benefit from reading your content).
  1. Keywords in the first heading (H1): 

The H1 identifies the subject matter of your material. Therefore, add your term to your H1 tag. The use of the same phrase in both your H1 and meta title, according to some SEOs, and best seo agency in allahabad is a sign that you are keyword stuffing. Therefore, you could want to add a little flavour to it while still making sure your keyword is there. Combine that with all of the on-page SEO (meta data, URL, other headings). 

  1. The length of the content: 

When it comes to SEO, there is some disagreement over content length. Some people think the ideal length should be 2000 words or more. That shouldn’t be the case all the time, though. Although it appears that long-form content receives the most backlinks, it’s important to just publish long-form content when it’s necessary to cover the complete issue. 

It’s also a good idea to look at what your rivals are doing because that can be a sign of high-quality content. You won’t likely rank highly for that term if all of your rivals have between 2000 and 4000 words and you only have 200.

  1. The overall quantity of links coming from reliable sources:

The total number of backlinks and referring websites is significant, but only if the sources are pertinent. John Mueller made a comment in February 2021 regarding the significance of link relevancy and the fact that even if you develop a lot of backlinks, Google would ignore them if they are not relevant. Focus on creating more relevant and high-quality backlinks rather than creating millions of them.

  1. Domain Authority and Age:

Unfortunately, unless you buy established domains, domain age is one of those Google ranking SEO elements you can’t always manage.

The length of time your domain has been registered is referred to as its domain age, and your authority with Google is essentially your reputation.

Even though John Mueller, the self-proclaimed “King of Search,” claimed that domain age had no bearing on your site’s total authority, I still have to think it has.

  1. HTML page loading time:

PageSpeed includes core web essentials, and page speed has an impact on user experience.

Google is more likely to lower your results if your site is too slow to load or use, especially if your rivals’ websites load quickly and have excellent content.

  1. Usability on mobile:

Users are increasingly accessing your website via mobile, and user experience is crucial for SEO performance. Because of this, if Google detects that your site is not responsive, it continuously notifies you in Search Console.

Work on your mobile usability if you want to win favour with Google and, more crucially, your users. This is the best technique and  is used by the best SEO Company in Allahabad.

Genuine Business Data

Although this Google ranking element is rather new, it belongs to the category of trust signals. You must adapt the in-store experience for your website as more and more consumers rely on the Internet for almost everything.

Why does this matter? It indicates that people want to know where you are located, that they may call you, and that they expect you to be available to respond to their inquiries immediately.

Adding an address to your website, setting up a “About Us” page with actual images, and getting a Google Voice number can all help your website gain more credibility and demonstrate to Google that you are a legitimate company.


      Adding these Google ranking factors can definitely improve your chances of showing up for your targeted keywords, even if there are no foolproof methods for boosting your content. Of course, working with the best digital marketing agency is a reliable and best method to improve your ranking.

You don’t have to complete everything at once if you’re working alone. Beginning with the      most crucial elements, work your way down. Google is a forgiving and honest boss who compensates people that put in the work, though it may take some time.

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