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Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes In Allahabad

Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes In Allahabad

Are you seeking the best digital marketing institute in Allahabad? Enrolling in digital marketing courses in Allahabad can enable you to achieve this. Go through our list of the top 5 digital marketing institutes in Allahabad based on our research to see which one is right for you.

  1. Webpeckers- Digital Marketing Institute

Webpeckers is India’s leading digital marketing training institute which is creating courses and teaching students from all over India. These courses are specially designed for students to learn these various subjects in detail, reach their goals, and pursue their dreams. Since its inception, Webpeckers has reached the pinnacle of success and is the best digital marketing institute in Prayagraj. Their highly experienced faculty have provided practical knowledge to the students and changed their lives. They have also collaborated with many universities & colleges and conducted seminars in top colleges of Allahabad.  

Webpeckers offers 3 Main Types of Courses:-

Salient Features:

  • Mode: Both online and offline mode is available.
  • Modules: There are 30+ modules covering all the areas of digital marketing.
  • Weekly doubt sessions are conducted.
  • Students are prepared for the interview session.
  • Weekly Group discussions are done.
  • 100% Job assistance is given.
  • Live projects are given to students to work on.
  • Every module is taught by an industry expert.
  • Friendly and helpful teachers.
  1. Sapience Technologies – Digital Marketing Training Institute

The IT company Sapience Technologies offers both working professionals and students training and growth. It is the premier institute for online development, design, and digital marketing. They have knowledgeable instructors on staff, and they support the students while they work on real-world projects.

Salient Features:

  • Mode: Both full-time and weekend classes are offered.
  • Modules: The necessary facets of digital marketing are covered in the curriculum.
  • There is sufficient interaction to improve comprehension and problem-solving.
  • The training is project-based, interactive, and includes open conversations.
  • The institute prioritises real-world experience over academic learning.
  1. Digital Sahara Digital Marketing Institute  

One of the premier institutes in Allahabad that offers courses in digital marketing is Digital Sahara. It is a start-up that offers classes in digital marketing and fundamental computer awareness. 

Salient Features:

  • Courses: Crash Course in Digital Marketing (CCDM) is the name of the course & Advanced Digital Marketing Course (ACDM)
  • The course’s duration: 3 months of intensive training in digital marketing.
  • The advanced digital marketing training lasts for six months.
  • Course Fee: The cost of the intensive training is INR 15,000

& for the advanced course is INR 30,000.

  • 8 modules make up the curriculum for the crash course in digital marketing. The curriculum for the advanced course in digital marketing has 20 modules and is more detailed.
  • These programmes include credentials, including the Google certification.
  • With only 10 students in each batch, it’s simple for each applicant to receive individual attention.
  • The institute offers 100% job assistance, and the training is 100% practical. 
  1. KDM – King of Digital Marketing Institute

King of Digital Marketing is a Delhi-based digital marketing firm with offices in Varanasi and Allahabad. They offer services related to digital marketing. King of Digital Marketing has established a name for itself. It is one of the best institutions in Allahabad offering courses in digital marketing.

Salient Features:

  • Mode: Both online and classroom modes are accessible.
  • The weekend class meets on Saturdays.
  • Every month, there is an online lesson.
  • The weekday batch consists of three batches every day.
  • Modules: 35 of the most recent modules in digital marketing are included in KDM. 
  • This curriculum is career-focused. Applicants will receive training from experts in the field.
  • Training is done on ongoing projects. Applicants also study numerous technological tools.
  • Placement: The institute provides support for placement and aid in interview preparation.
  • Certification: Candidates receive Facebook and Google certifications in addition to course completion.

In Allahabad, it offers good quality digital marketing courses. IIDM is continuously engaged in educating candidates and moulding them into reputable digital marketing professionals with placement assistance. Personal growth, content creation, and communication abilities are essential for successful digital marketing. Thus, IIDM offers distinct courses in these areas as well. IIDM in Allahabad offers digital marketing courses that promote overall growth. The institute offers advice on personality development to assist candidates in succeeding in the workplace. 

Salient Features:

  • The digital marketing course at IIDM is offered online.
  • Modules: The programme includes all necessary digital marketing modules. It helps students succeed by educating them on the quality standards for the digital marketing process.
  • It is multi-level training that includes real-world tasks and knowledge of more than 200 tools.
  • Certification: Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate from IIDM attesting to their competence as digital marketers.

These are the top digital marketing institutes in Allahabad that offer digital marketing courses in Allahabad. I hope you found this blog useful and helped you clear your doubts regarding the topic.

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