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Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Lucknow

Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Lucknow

Digital marketing has transformed the way businesses operate in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world. With the rise of the internet and the ever-expanding digital landscape, businesses of all sizes are leveraging digital marketing strategies to connect with their target audience, expand their reach, and drive business growth. This shift has propelled digital marketing to the forefront of modern business practices, revolutionising how companies promote their products and services. Digital marketing has revolutionised business. It allows companies to connect with their target audience, expand their reach, and drive growth. 

Why is Digital Marketing a great career in 2023?

Digital Marketing as a career is ready to get on another level this year and the demands are going to be very high this year. In the field of online marketing, there is a wide range of opportunities for everyone with competitive salaries, flexibility, chance to work with a variety of businesses and global opportunities.

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When it comes to pursuing a digital marketing course in Lucknow, there are several reputable institutes that offer comprehensive training programs. These institutes are equipped with expert faculty, an industry-aligned curriculum, and a track record of producing successful digital marketing professionals. 

In this blog, we will unveil the top five digital marketing institutes in Lucknow, providing you with a detailed overview of their offerings, faculty expertise, industry relevance, and student reviews. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a working professional looking to upskill, or an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to enhance your online presence, this list will serve as a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision about your digital marketing education.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing institutes in Lucknow:-


Webpeckers, India’s premier digital marketing training institute, is dedicated to equipping students from all corners of the country with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Their meticulously designed courses cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of students, empowering them to reach their goals and fulfil their dreams.

Since its establishment, Webpeckers has soared to unprecedented heights, earning a reputation as the foremost institute in India. Central to their success is their team of highly experienced faculty members, who possess a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise. Through their guidance and mentorship, they have witnessed countless students undergo transformative journeys and emerge as confident professionals in the digital marketing industry. Their commitment to expanding educational opportunities extends beyond their institute’s walls. They have forged valuable collaborations with numerous universities and colleges, enabling them to extend their reach to aspiring digital marketers across the country. By conducting seminars and workshops, they strive to share their insights and knowledge with as many students as possible, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Courses offered:-

Advance Digital Marketing Training Program

  1. 6-Month Training Program
  2. 45 Days Internship Program
  3. Specialisation ( SEO / SEM / SEM)
  4. Live Project Training 
  5. 100% Placement Assistance  

Advance Program

  1. Digital Marketing Training Program
  2. 3-Month Training Program
  3. 21 Module 
  4. Live Project Training
  5. 100% Placement Assistance  
  6. Certificate of Completion

Short Term Certifications in Digital Marketing

  1. 4 to 7-Week Training Program
  2. SEO / Google Ads / SEM etc.
  3. Live Project Training 
  4. Certificate of Completion
  5. 100% Placement Assistance  

Webpeckers Digital Institute enables you to achieve your goals and ensures the success of your career. 

  • You will be trained with live projects, equipping you to handle company projects independently. 
  • Their guidance will steer you in the right direction, shaping your skills effectively.
  • Flexible learning hours can be chosen, accommodating your schedule. 
  • You have the option to learn through online classes or attend offline classes. The modules offered for digital marketing are wide-ranging and specially designed to cater to your needs.


A reputed institute specialising in digital marketing since 2013, ITTCD stands out as a premier institution providing online digital marketing courses in Lucknow. Notably, ITTCD has expanded its reach globally, setting new standards in global education. With a proven track record of assisting numerous students in securing jobs at leading digital marketing companies.

By immersing yourself in live projects led by esteemed industry professionals and experts, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of various digital marketing techniques. Over the past decade, ITTCD has earned an esteemed reputation among digital marketing students, solidifying its position as a preferred choice for aspiring professionals.

Course Highlights:

  1. Learn new and trending digital marketing skills.
  2. Gain knowledge to grow your business effectively.
  3. Enhance employment prospects and access high-paying job opportunities with reputed companies.
  4. Attain independence in your digital marketing ventures.
  5. Three months of paid internship to apply your learning in a practical setting.

By enrolling in these digital marketing courses, you can gain valuable skills, boost your professional opportunities, and obtain the necessary certifications to succeed in the digital marketing industry.

  1. Webvoom

Webvoom, operated by WebsiteVoom Pvt. Ltd., is a leading institute in Lucknow offering comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses. Additionally, they provide a range of services including web design, app development, SEO, and digital marketing solutions to IT companies. With a focus on empowering businesses with effective online strategies, Webvoom offers a complete suite of online business solutions to drive success.

In today’s competitive landscape, establishing a strong digital identity is crucial for business success. Webvoom understands this and specialises in developing responsive websites that set businesses apart and capture attention in the online realm. With their expertise in digital marketing, they equip students with the necessary skills to thrive as successful marketers.

Webvoom boasts an impressive track record, with over six years of experience in the IT industry. They have successfully placed more than 200 students and served over 2,000 clients globally. With a remarkable 97% success rate, they have established themselves as a trusted institute for digital marketing education in Lucknow.

  1. DigitaLearn

DigitaLearn is an academy dedicated to providing high-quality Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow, catering to individuals aspiring to excel in the Information Technology sector. Their primary objective is to equip students with industry-level knowledge and skills, empowering them to thrive in the digital landscape. DigitaLearn offers a range of training programs designed to meet different needs and requirements.

Course Highlights:

  1. Industrial Training Program: Designed to provide students with practical knowledge and skills required in the industry.
  2. Corporate Training Program: Tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their digital marketing expertise and stay updated with the latest industry trends.
  3. Apprentice Training Program: Provides hands-on training and mentorship to individuals looking to kick-start their careers in the digital marketing field.
  4. Summer Training Program: Intensive training program is conducted during the summer months, allowing students to utilise their break to gain valuable skills.
  5. Winter Training Program: Similar to the summer program, this training initiative is conducted during the winter season, providing an opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and skills.

DigitaLearn is committed to providing a transformative learning experience and preparing individuals for real-world challenges and opportunities in the digital marketing industry.

  1. Max Digital Academy

Max Digital Academy stands out as a premier Digital Marketing Training Institute in Lucknow. Their commitment to excellence has been recognised by Silicon India, a leading Business Magazine, which awarded them among the top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Training Brands in India in 2019. Max Digital Academy offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow, accompanied by highly regarded government certification. Max Digital Academy offers a well-structured digital marketing course in Lucknow.

Course Highlights:

The course module at Max Digital Academy covers various essential aspects of digital marketing. Some of the key modules included in their curriculum are:

  1. Digital Marketing Introduction
  2. Graphic Designing using Online & Offline Tools
  3. Domain Selection and Hosting
  4. Website Planning and Designing
  5. E-Commerce Optimization & Marketing
  6. Setting up an E-Commerce Store

Max Digital Academy’s recognition by Silicon India and its government certification in Digital Marketing add to its credibility as a trusted institute in Lucknow for digital marketing education. 

  1. Digitrend

Digitrend is a highly acclaimed Digital Marketing Training Institute in Lucknow, renowned for its top ratings and positive reviews. Their approach to training is centred around practicality, emphasising hands-on experience and real-world implementation of digital marketing strategies. Digitrend offers a comprehensive digital marketing course in Lucknow with a duration of 6 months. 

Course Highlights:

  1. Internship: Gain valuable industry experience through an internship opportunity provided by Digitrend.
  2. Live Project Training: Apply your knowledge and skills to real-life projects, gaining practical exposure in digital marketing.
  3. Certifications: Earn certifications upon completion of the course, validating your expertise in various digital marketing domains.

Digitrend’s focus on practical training, internship opportunities, and certifications makes them an outstanding choice for individuals seeking comprehensive digital marketing education in Lucknow. 


Lucknow has emerged as a hub for digital marketing education, with several institutes offering comprehensive courses to equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the digital landscape. These institutes provide valuable training, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical implementations. Whether you are a recent graduate, a professional looking to upskill, or an aspiring entrepreneur, enrolling in a digital marketing institute in Lucknow can be a stepping stone towards a successful career. It is essential to consider factors such as course duration, fees, faculty expertise, and industry recognition when selecting the right institute that aligns with your goals and aspirations. By investing in your digital marketing education, you can unlock a world of opportunities and enhance your employment prospects. The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of digital marketing requires continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. These institutes in Lucknow strive to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical exposure to help individuals thrive in the digital era.

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