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Ways To Generate Side Income Using Canva

Ways To Generate Side Income Using Canva

Generating side income sources with Canva is a pretty easy thing once you start creating things on your own or learn how to use given templates at its best for your profit!  As we all know, Canva is a free graphic design tool that allows its users to create designs for various purposes, such as presentations, social media posts, marketing materials, and more. It offers a wide range of design templates and tools that are easy to use, even for those without design experience. Canva also provides millions of stock images, graphics, and illustrations, as well as the ability to upload custom elements, to help users create custom designs. The platform is available on the web and as a mobile app, making it accessible from anywhere. Overall, Canva is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for creating professional-looking designs. You can tap into a growing field of graphic design and turn your creativity into real income. 

Learn how to start making money with Canva and find out some of the best ways to generate side income sources from the platform.

Create design assets to sell on stock websites

Creating design assets for sale on stock websites is a great way to make money with Canva. You can create images, illustrations, logos, social media assets, and more that can be sold on stock sites. Your resources can then be purchased by those who are looking to use the same designs without having to recreate them from scratch. It’s a great way to start generating passive income while still taking advantage of the power of Canva. All you have to do is create a portfolio of your best designs on stock websites like Shutterstock, iStock, or Adobe Stock. Once you have content for sale online, you will have the potential to earn extra income from licensed stock usage. Plus, these often require royalties from the sales which can lead to residual income over time. You can set your own prices for each design asset and decide what projects to upload and promote based on trends in the creative field. With Canva’s powerful tools and features, it’s relatively easy to create amazing graphic designs that will generate side income with no extra effort!

Offer pre-made designs on freelancer platforms 

You can also offer pre-made designs as packages on freelancer platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. This gives you the power to supply someone with a package that suits their requirements without having to start from scratch or take hours to complete. It’s a great way for you to generate side income using Canva, which makes it an ideal option for those who want to get started making money quickly with minimal effort. When offering pre-made designs, it’s important to keep your packages as simple and clear as possible, so that your customers understand exactly what they are getting for their money. You can offer packages such as pre-made logos and infographics for a set fee, or you can also create bundle offers with several services all rolled into one package. This way, you can save time by creating these pre-made designs once rather than having to start from scratch each time someone books an order from you.

Use your skills and create design courses 

As a Canva professional, you could be making money with your skills and knowledge by creating design courses. People are always looking to learn more about creating better visual content, so having an online course available can be incredibly valuable for them. And for you, it can be a great way of generating side income! You can start by creating short tutorials on topics related to digital design before expanding into longer courses. This is a particularly effective way to make money if you have expertise in certain areas, such as business graphics or infographic creation. After designing courses to teach others, you can market them through various channels. You can promote them on social media, send out emails or even start a membership program to give people unlimited access to all your products. With Canva’s library of templates, backgrounds and fonts, you have all the materials you need at your fingertips. Use its easy-to-use design tools and features to make professional content for your course in no time! 

Create social media posts/reels for businesses

You can approach businesses and be their social media manager or can create social media posts for them as a freelancer. It will not take much time; you just have to create posts with the given information. You can provide them with the everyday post or can give it all at once and charge them extra for extra posts. Canva also allows you to edit videos and create reels. You can create informative reels or image/video ads for a business. In addition to that, if you will learn social media marketing, you can also charge them extra money for running ads and creating ads which will not take much time once you excel in it.

Sell social media calendar

It is a planner of the post which is to be posted on everyday basis. On social media content calendar you just have to create a calendar and address the day and write post ideas for that particular day. Learn how to create a social media calendar as Canva provides you with Content Planner that allows users to plan, organise, and schedule their content for social media and other marketing campaigns. You can also provide customised social media calendar services to businesses which will pay you much better money.

Create one page portfolio website

Canva allows you to create a one page website and even provides you a domain to publish it. You can go to canva and select the website option in the design section and you will find bundles of website templates, whereas you can also create on your own or according to your customer’s demand. This feature of Canva also allows you to create clickable buttons just in case you want to redirect the audience to some other link. It is a great way to earn money by just working for an hour and designing given info in an attractive way. You can also charge money from those clients in future for revisions. 


Canva is a very powerful free graphic design tool that can help you in making money in a large number of ways. Let me tell you a few more features that you can consider like book covers, mind maps, magazine cover, business proposal, invitations, infographics, photo collages, posters, and many more. You can choose your interest and start your side income by just giving hardly 1 hour of your day!  


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