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YouTube Marketing: Best Platform to Promote Your Business

YouTube Marketing: Best Platform to Promote Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many different platforms to choose from. While popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, and company websites are great places to invest, a YouTube channel can be the best place to promote your business online. Let’s be honest, we all love videos. We love going to the movies and we love watching videos that people post on Facebook and Instagram. If you love videos as we do, it’s worth considering YouTube marketing strategy as part of your marketing strategy. And by video, of course, I mean YouTube. If you haven’t already made YouTube marketing part of your overall plan, read on for 6 reasons why you should consider YouTube marketing.

You must be thinking about why your business needs YouTube specifically. Well, the answer is given in its demographics below:-

According to Fortune Lord’s stats, YouTube has a large and diverse audience. With 1,300,000 active users, the site receives over 30 million visitors daily. YouTube viewers are known to watch more than 3.25 billion hours of video each month and generate more than 1 billion video views every day. There are so many videos! But what about the audience it self ?
● 11% of YouTube viewers are between the ages of 18 and 24
● 23% are 25-34 years old
● 26% are 35-44 years old
● 16% are 45-54 years old
● 8% are 50-64 years old
● 3% are over 65
● 14% are uncertain

With this, we know that 8 out of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 49 watch YouTube at least once a month, so you have a legion of viewers waiting for what you have to offer. We’ve also seen an increase in mobile video views across all platforms, but this is especially true for YouTube. An average mobile viewing session on YouTube lasts about 40 minutes. This is admirable. So keep mobile users in mind when creating your content. Hence on YouTube, targeting your audience and influencing them to be your customer gets easier and they become aware about your brand or business which increases their trust in them.

Here are 9 ways to understand why you should promote your YouTube channel for business:-

1. No-cost service

YouTube and most social media platforms are free in comparison with TV and radio commercials. YouTube Unlike traditional media, becoming visible on the Internet requires time and effort, not money or connections. This medium can be used to give humble startups a chance to go viral just like big names do. Videos can do that very quickly. Videos and photos are the most shared and viewed online. With one click, users can repost the post to their personal social media profiles and it spreads like wildfire from there. With YouTube for business, you can expand your audience and marketing opportunities without incurring any real costs. YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos and the YouTube channel is like the second website with no hosting or maintenance costs.

2. Increase Sales

To generate more valuable leads, businesses can use YouTube to market their products and services. YouTube videos are great recommendations and callbacks to the main website. Your videos will be seen, optimised, and shared on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Each video is tagged with specific keywords or tags so that it will be found by everyone searching for you and your articles on popular search engines. It's also worth noting that it controls over 70% of the industry. If you search on Google, you can also see images, maps, videos etc. Have you ever noticed that every video you search on Google leads to YouTube? A powerful tool to showcase your items and attract important leads from your target market.

3. SEO

As mentioned above, your YouTube channel serves as a second website where you can talk about your business, products, and services. Along with your YouTube channel, you can use tags to describe each video individually, optimising your videos, and attracting the kind of visitors you want. Tagging your videos with SEO will increase your chances of being found in general searches and will be considered organic YouTube promotion. Each SERP page contains video results in addition to standard articles. For example, if you are selling t-shirts that keyword usually brings in millions of results, but only a few hundred for videos. Just like your blog posts, show your keywords in the title of your video to help search engines index it quickly and find it for your audience.

4. Massive Audience

YouTube is very popular right now and its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. 300 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Very few companies use YouTube in India. There is a big underserved market out there! Like Google and Bing, YouTube is a search engine that viewers use to find helpful tutorials, instructional videos, and product reviews. Reach a wider audience by creating profitable small business videos to promote on YouTube.

5. Product Assistance

Create educational videos for consumers on the most common issues and questions about products and systems. This reduces your company’s support costs while giving your customers the opportunity to resolve their issues. Training videos are a great way to bridge the gap between you and your consumers and allow them to continue learning in the future. Video instructions on how to use your items properly are always better than confusing instruction pages on your website.

6. Training

YouTube can be used for both product training and staff training. If your sales team and distributors are spread across many states or countries, using a short series of training films can save you a lot of money on travel and training materials. Create and deliver standardised videos to ensure everyone on your team is on the same page and communicate your policy needs. No more wasting time and money
on lengthy training sessions. Train everyone at the same time so you can get to work faster and more efficiently. Simply upload your sales representative training videos to YouTube and give access to them. Use these training videos to keep existing and new employees up-to-date on upcoming small business changes, events, or upgrades.

7. Participation

You can allow people to view, comment on, and share your videos. This gives small businesses a unique opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers through the channel. Viewers often submit requests and recommendations in the form of questions and comments. You can use this feedback to generate suggestions for new videos and topics that meet your visitors needs. Additionally, posting your recordings on social media increases its visibility and allows you to connect with people on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

8. Customer testimonials

Video testimonials from happy, loyal customers can make a big difference. The mere presence of written testimony on your website doesn’t tell you whether it’s real or not. Here the question arises. Anyone can write, but video allows potential clients to see and hear the real thing with their own eyes and ears. Hearing about existing customers accomplishments and ideas encourages prospects to become customers too. Testimonials demonstrate the success of a small business and its commitment to its customers and their results. The trust score and authenticity of your customer referrals will skyrocket, and you’ll get them for the rest of your marketing campaign. You can’t put a price on it because it’s precious.

9. Insight


YouTube provides free analytics data for each video you submit through the Insights tool. You can use this analytics data to see views, demographics, community, and subscriber information. Most importantly, statistics about how visitors found your video. This also includes the link that got you there. You can also monitor the number of views by visiting the website on the YouTube player, embedding the player, or using mobile devices. YouTube Insights, like Google Analytics, provides key insights into how your videos are performing and what you can do to improve their performance. Therefore, YouTube is one of the best platforms to have a hold on your current or your potential new customers! You can easily explain the importance of your product in their life. YouTube marketing is a very effective tool for marketers and is used by organisations to promote their products and services. As the online advertising space is on the rise, it is a good idea to adopt YouTube marketing as one of the marketing channels for your business. You can also get YouTube marketing services from one of the best Digital marketing agencies in India.

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