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10 Off-Page SEO Tips To Increase Your Organic Traffic

10 Off-Page SEO Tips To Increase Your Organic Traffic

Making any website rank on any particular keyword is a challenging job, you will
have to work really hard on On page, Off page and Technical SEO. Process for it is
totally different from each other but all are equally important for any website to rank.
SEO is preferred by everyone rather than running Ads as it brings organic website
traffic, unlike Ads.

What is SEO and Types of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website so that it
appears higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for relevant search
queries. In other words, SEO improves the visibility and ranking of the website on
search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc. so that the website
owner can get a lot of traffic to their website. There are mainly 3 types of SEO as
mentioned below:-

What is On-Page SEO?-

It is one of the main factors of an SEO strategy that attracts
people and engages them with the content on your site. It ensures that meaningful
and helpful content will be presented to the visitors. It is done by making changes in
structural representation in the heading and delivering the website content in a well-
organized manner where the primary keywords that can help search engines
recognise and give your site a higher position are included in the title, header, and
meta tags in HTML. The new algorithms used by search engines prohibit sites from
stuffing keywords to increase their variety.

What is Technical SEO?-

It mainly has to do with a websites design/development,
and server. Technical SEO includes the loading speed of the website, finding and
fixing the crawl and indexing issue, looking for duplicates of your website, adding

schema structured data, locating and fixing orphaned (blank) pages and checking if
the website design is mobile-friendly.

What is Off-Page SEO?-

The term “off-page SEO” refers to the actions you take that
affect the search engine rankings of your website. Off-page SEO is sometimes
known as off-site SEO because the optimization tactics don’t happen on your
website itself. Off-page optimization includes a variety of strategies such as creating
backlinks, generating brand mentions, boosting social media shares, and others.
In a bigger sense, Off-page SEO is the practice of improving a website’s visibility,
reputation, legitimacy, and relevance through the optimization of off-site ranking
factors. In order to achieve efficient off-page optimization, other reliable websites
must verify the quality of your content by linking to or supporting your website.

Why is Off-page SEO so important?

Now that you know the basics of off-page SEO, you must be wondering why people
put so much stress on Off-page SEO, so let’s look at its importance and how it can
increase traffic and rankings on search engines for your website.
Off-page SEO provides Google with a useful indication of how people are interacting
with your website. Backlinks, or you could say references (links), from other websites
are more likely to be present on an excellent, well-maintained, and helpful website.
Always try to portray links as a kind of vote of confidence, and the more you collect,
the more well-liked and regarded you are in your domain. Why is it so important to
Google? The best results are delivered by Google according to the users intent. In
general, Googles organic search results are excellent and frequently give people
what they are looking for. By thoroughly optimising your off-site SEO, you make it
simpler for Google and other search engines to understand the importance of your
website, which raises your SERP rating.
A high-quality website is also more likely to receive frequent social media mentions,
such as Tweets, Facebook likes, Instagram hashtags, or pins, for instance. Your
website will receive more traffic and develop some strong, socially accepted
backlinks if the link is shared on websites or bookmarked. Therefore it is important to
be present on social media and other websites as well.
To rank high on SERP it is highly recommended to have a very strong Off-page
strategy which must include points on which you should always check. Here are

Some tips that you must follow to increase organic traffic:-

Off-Page SEO Tips To Increase Organic Traffic On Your Website

1. Analysing the strength of your current backlink profile- Keep a check
on the backlinks that you have made, and see if it is still working or if it is
having any issues in any case.

2. Analysing the backlink profiles of your rivals- Always keep an eye on
your rivals in business as well while doing SEO. In order to get a better
chance and to stay a step ahead of your competitors, always track where they
are making backlinks and from where they are getting results. Tracking them
will help you rank better.

3. Using anchor text that is keyword-rich to enhance internal linking-
Adding keywords to the anchor text will always make your link more visible
and increase the chances of getting more clicks.

4. Correcting 404 errors to prevent losing inbound PageRank- Saving
inbound page rank is supposed to be one of your major priorities. You should
pay special attention and resolve it whenever you see this error.

5. Improving the on-page SEO of your content to reduce the number of
backlinks required for it to rank-
On-page SEO is as important as your Off-
page SEO, if your website content is top-notch, user-friendly and marks all the
required boxes that an On-page should have then Google will itself bring your
page on the top of the search.

6. Examining your available link-building choices and deciding which
ones to carry on-
There are many ways you can build your link but according
to your business and the content of the website you should wisely choose
what kind of link-building you want to continue with.

7. Social media content promotion- Posting content on social media and
promoting your service or product will help you in your ranking as it will
increase your mentions on social media platforms and will validate the image
of your company on Google.

8. Using sponsored advertising initiatives, if your budget allows, to
increase awareness-
As I have mentioned above, it is important to get
mentions and do engagement with your audience on social media platforms
as in simple words it will make you ‘talk of the town, so in the same context if
you have enough budget to run ads for awareness that will be a great step.

9. Creating excellent content that generates organic links and brand
Content is the key! Yes, that’s the mantra! It is pretty simple to
understand that if you will create some amazing, attention-grabbing content,

then it will definitely draw the attention of the audience and you will get brand
exposure and organic links.

10. Relying more heavily on the off-page SEO strategies that are most
effective for your company- Of course, On-page SEO is important but Off-
page SEO will benefit you immensely and will give you the great exposure
that a company needs.


We believe that this blog post has helped you understand off-page SEO in-depth.
We made an effort to look at every aspect of this specific SEO professional strategy.
Off-page SEO is no longer a separate set of strategies, but rather the result of
effective marketing as almost any marketing communications technique can affect it.

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